For our valued travel partners

We appreciate our retail and wholesale travel partners are doing the hard yards when it comes to promoting and selling our products.  Therefore we try to make it as easy as possible for you!  Here are some of the services we can offer:

Sales and Training

  • Comprehensive training and sales calls
  • Regional product updates where we provide the wine and nibbles and you can bring along any questions you have on our products
  • Sales kits
  • Assistance with promotional opportunities in your local area
  • Famil trips / agents rates
  • First hand knowledge of the properties and destinations we represent. 

Collateral and Support Material

  • Brochures, DVDs, sales material to assist in selling
  • Regular newsletters to keep you up-to-date with what's happening & special deals
  • Downloadable flyers that can be adapted with your call to action
  • Window display material
  • Assistance with advertising and promotions in your area


  • Regularly maintained website featuring all of our clients includng downloadable fact sheets, maps & information
  • Electronic email newsletters and e-blasts
  • Facebook and Twitter

    Basically we give any assistance or liaising we can provide to promote a mutually beneficial working relationship between our clients and the valued agents selling their products.

For our valued clients

Hogan and Associates offers a comprehensive range of marketing services to our clients.  Our key point of difference is that we have extensive experience in all facets of the travel industry that we can call upon.  We have the support staff to ensure that the office is manned consistently so that even during roadshows or sales trips, the office is still ticking along.  We can have Mike in a product meeting, Susie doing the sales calls, Heather creating a flyer and updating websites and Shar sending out specials ... all for you, all at the same time.

We realise that your requirements may not be the same as someone elses.  Therefore our services can be tailor-made to suit your needs - you may need a full sales, marketing and representation presence in the New Zealand market or you may just need someone to assist with some retail sales calls.  That's your choice and we will tailor-make your representation package to suit you.  Our commitment to our clients is absolutely paramount therefore we do make an undertaking that we will represent only non-conflicting clients.  We also pride ourselves on our uncompromised service levels - therefore we won't over-commit ourselves to too many clients and let those standards drop.  We have a limited number of client spots available so will only take on another client if a spot becomes available.

Our services include:


  • Retail and sales training calls
  • Regional Product Updates
  • Regular meetings with key wholesale, marketing, retail and tourism partners decision makers
  • Implementation of tactical sales campaigns
  • Representation at Consumer and Retails Expos/Roadshows
  • Creation and distribution of sales aids
  • Proposal design and pitch
  • Assistance with sales presentations
  • Implementation and management of incentive schemes
  • Monthly sales analysis and report
  • Identification and referral of group leads
  • Contracting and price strategy


  • Comprehensive and ongoing marketing plans
  • Implementation and management of advertising campaigns with travel partners
  • Regular and comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Regular and comprehensive market analysis
  • Competitive advertising rates
  • Monthly e-newsletter to our retail and wholesale database
  • Creation and distribution of flyers and selling collateral - produced inhouse to reduce production cost
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Social media
  • Website presence and updates
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Brochure placement, proofing and negotiation


  • Media famils
  • Trade and media press releases
  • Assistance and advice on publications that will give you the best return on investment
  • Copy writing service for Press Releases
  • A contracted PR company for any additional requirements you may have


These are just some of the things we do but basically we are here to help you maximise your presence and ensure your marketing dollar gets the best return on your investment every time.  We're not satisfied until we see results.  Every time.  We have over 75 years worth of industry experience between us with solid, long-standing relationships.  But most of all we have the passion, the commitment and we still get the tingle of satisfaction when someone says to us "I'm so glad I spoke to you, we just had the BEST time!"  We love it!