Homeward Bound

Sea Trade 2014 finished this afternoon.  Everything to do with shipping was in the Miami Beach Convention Centre, ship building, engines, insurance, wines, plus probably 100 + shipping ports and destinations all being promoted under one massive roof. Our South Pacific team was unanimous in agreement that this had been a very worthwhile exercise.  Clearly the South Pacific is a destination that the shipping companies perceive as  a good place for growth.  The planning by these companies for 2016 and onwards is well underway and we have put a stake in the ground or should I say laid a buoy !

Expect the unexpected.. I was chatting to a couple, clearly they weren't target market (shipping company representatives) and to be honest I wasn't too sure how they ended up in the room.. (Lanyards were not very visible).. Turned out they were with a radio station, and they ended up interviewing me about Pitcairn ........Proof that my belief to never discount any person who fronts up to a booth as unworthy of my time. (Until they clearly prove that they are tyre kickers).  Without exception everyone I have spoken to over the last 4 days has been thirsty for knowledge on Pitcairn and that includes my South Pacific colleagues,

Now my thoughts turn to the homeward stretch and a very long trip.. Hopefully Cyclone Lusi will have moved on by the time I land on Sunday morning..

On Monday my thoughts turn to Niue Island, JAWS and Napier, here I come !