South Beach

Miami Beach Chairs.jpg

WOW what a cool place South Beach is, Sunday and beautiful weather "sundress warm". I love the Art Deco, Cuban and Mexican aura. Language is nearly all Spanish.. I've walked miles, checked out South Beach, (beach that is) rows and rows of beach chairs, umbrellas and a bizarre range of people, many eating huge plates of food (a big part of the lifestyle here). For those of you who have been to Pitcairn, Norfolk or Niue there is no common ground really.. It's like a beach "factory" very commercial, busy and buzzy. Lincoln Mall ( street Mall) is wow ! Outdoor dining, dozens if not hundreds of choices, most with Cuban / Mexican influence.  The usual hustlers are out in force wanting you to eat at "their place" offering discounts on drinks to entice you over the line. Plus as you can imagine  retail "for Africa". My hotel Riviera South Beach is very funky, Art Deco I should be draping myself in the lobby with a cigarette holder and a martini. It's been a lovely day.. I'm recharged and ready to talk Pitcairn Islands as of tomorrow.  I have a an Admiralty Chart # 4655, maps brochures and pins of the Henderson fruit dove as giveaways. Hopefully even better than all of that my knowledge and enthusiasm will be inspirational.