Miami... Here I come!

Rumour has it that my boss Mike Hogan gets sea sick when there has been heavy rainfall at the North Shore Golf Club... This enabled me to be the Hogans person to travel to Pitcairn Island a journey to be undertaken when Hogans were appointed to represent The Pitcairn Islands.  Possibly my initials S. L meant  Sea Legs and I was destined for that awesome journey in May last year??

I am now en route to Sea Trade a shipping convention in Miami to represent the Pitcairn Islands as part of the South Pacific Cruise Alliance. The Pitcairn Islanders have for generations traded with passing cruise ships and the population of just under 50 residents continue to maintain and value that link with the outside world.

I feel very privileged to embrace this role having stayed on Pitcairn and when I think about it being one of the very few who who can connect the dots between tourism and the 4 Islands that are Pitcairn.

This - like my trip to Pitcairn - is a leap into the unknown.  Tick the box, been to Miami with the family about 15 years ago. Should any one have told me then that I would be a. Back working in travel, b, Returning as the representative for the Pitcairn Islands at a huge international conference I would have thought I was the subject of a Tui Billboard !, I'm looking forward to connecting with industry colleagues promoting the South Pacific and to liaise effectively with those shipping companies who have Pitcairn on their GPS.

Destiny is quite unpredictable!