Update since I've been home

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Because the anti nausea pills made me a bit drowsy I opted to tackle the seas on the return trip without drugs... YIPPEE what a difference, it was rough but absolutely no issues other than seeing my tea literally "float up" out of the mug on a rogue wave. Dressing after a shower on a "bouncing ship" is an interesting one - one hand against the wall for support, one leg off the floor to get into knickers and jeans and trying to predict the movement of the ship... nowhere to sit... mmmm FUNNY !  Clearly the southbound trip had given me sea legs sufficient even to venture into the hot and noisy engine room, as well as the ability to spend time on the bridge deck to chat to the Kiwi crew who had some great tales to share about their life at sea plus the stories of Henderson, Ducie and Oneo islands, the other three in the Pitcairn group.. more destinations added to the "bucket list".

Having the Pitcairn stamp in a passport is a surefire way to have immigration ask you questions on arrival into Auckland - twice now.. where is it, how do you get there, and whats it like??

The Pitcairn T shirt was worn in Hawaii and on both occasions we had locals wanting to talk Pitcairn....

Over the past few weeks I have been a guest speaker at 2 Probus meetings and a Country Club, talking about travel.  Without doubt Pitcairn is the destination that leads to the most questions.... to the point where one chairman concluded that in 7 years he hasn't had a guest speaker who has been the recipient of so many questions from the floor.. Interestingly at all three functions ( approx 50 at each ) there has been one person who has stopped to Pitcairn en route between NZ and the Panama canal..  At each function I have given away a jar of beautiful Pitcairn honey and someone always challenges me on importing "foreign" honey... no problem with this... the most pure on the planet and sweet with customs.

Sales calls since my return to NZ have doubled in length with many consultants having read in press releases that I have been to Pitcairn and clearly they are interested in the how, where and who aspect of Pitcairn.

As I tell family, friends, travel colleagues, consumer audiences, Radio Live listeners... more people will climb to the summit of Mt Everest than will stay on Pitcairn.. Pitcairn is a journey and a destination that has given me a different perspective on life... How exciting to call on an agent last week who knew virtually nothing about Pitcairn until she started to see information from Hogans... within a short space of time she had a Pitcairn booking (nice timing)... as she said when it comes to selling a destination these days "Never say never"