The adventure continues ...!

Two time changes from Papetee.. Advance one hour at Mangareva and then onto Pitcairn time as we left Mangareva.  The Claymore II sailed at 1800hrs on Tuesday and arrived at Tedside Pitcarin Island at 0600 Thursday (Landing at Bounty Bay wasn't possible).

The landing boat was alongside us at 8.30 for the journey around into Bounty Bay.. Amazing seamanship!!  A boatload of passengers and freight all delivered safely.  Warm welcome from the locals and Richard from Blue Water Adventures (UK) and I were taken to Big Flower (Heather Menzies and Kerry's home stay). It's stunning!  1,000 metres above the ocean with infinity  views - all mod cons, this is not roughing it but signs of sustainabilty with a wonderful vege garden and chooks.

Transport is by quad bikes. Polaris mostly. The terrain is rugged, roads are red and at this time of the year muddy. Climate is mid 20s.  Houses are simple but functional. The people friendly, proud,  resourceful and resilient.

Surprisingly only one dog on the island.. Billie, she lives with Heather and Kerry, at Big Flower ( my home stay ).   To look at my home go to

I have loved riding on the back of the Polaris... standing up and ducking as we pass low branches, definitely a No no for OSH.

The Claymore has gone over to Henderson Island with a film crew and arrived back into Bounty Bay today (Sunday Pitcairn time).  I have just been out in the longboat to meet the returning passengers,  WOW felt like a local.  Big seas - exciting stuff the seamanship is amazing..any NZ boatie or surfie would be highly impressed.

The PitcIrn Ialanders are Seventh Day Adventists. Church on Saturday, not everyone goes, just like at home.  It's  a good way to engage with the locals and hear their favourite song, an old traditional "The Sweet Bye and Bye. "I had read about this song in connection with the history and knew that I'd hear it sung in the church.. And I did.

Unfortunately I haven't been in the sea at this point.  There was an opportunity  to swim at Bounty Bay on day 1 but the water was just a bit too choppy, the longboat bouncing against the wharf, and I wussed out. The seas have been massive, apparently due to an earthquake in Taiwan, or so the rumour goes.  I wouldn't know if that is correct or rumour. For sure my togs and snorkelling gear is going to remain unused but there is more to Pitcairn than the sea.

PEW Envvironmental Group and the PitcIrn Island community are the process of developing the Worlds Largest Marine Reserve 800,000 square kilometres.. PEW are on island at this time.

There are two other tourists on island.  Gwynneth a truly remarkable woman mid 60 s who is spending 6 weeks in Tahiti and Pitcairn.

John from Arizona - another intrepid traveller. Both are on the  3 night stay and we will all be on the Claymore this evening, Sunday...

Susie Sunday 2 . 6 .