Onward to Pitcairn!

Tuesday 28 Papetee - Tureia - Mangareva  0715 departure .. Can't afford to miss this one.. No more flights until next Tuesday..  .  This makes me very aware of the necessary buffer between international flights.. I'm already aware of 16 hour delays in international arrivals into PPT.. The next flight to Gambier is the flight I return to PPT on.


Made it to the flight, and soon met up with travelling companions. Mostly a British film crew...

Sat with the Claymore 11 captain, Matt Jolly - a very interesting lad, son of Nigel.  Young but has certainly seen a few sea miles 100 plus times to Pitcairn plus extensive expeditions around the Pacifc Rim..

Unfortunately there was extensive cloud covering the sea and our flying route didn't seem to extend over as many islands as I had envisaged...  

The airstrip is on a coral atoll and after collecting luggage, a XPF 1,000 fee is collected for the sea transfer into Mangareva.  Mangareva is very tidy & clean.  A very large Catholic Church with a capacity of 1,200 for a population of about 1,000.  A very special spot and a great place to stop over.


12 pax  8 crew .. 3 star, several suffering from a bit of sea sickness! 3 meals, if you are on your feet..if you want a cuppa you get it yourself. Food good but basic. Home cooking or for those aren't up to food.... dried crackers.. Should have taken a towel, pareau a good substitute however!

No alcohol... Great crew...but it's basic..

I'm rooming with Gwyneth from Australia, an intrepid traveller who is then going on to do the Aranui Cruise..all up spending 6 weeks in Tahiti.

Sea is bouncy!   At night it feels as if we were riding waves, surfing our way to Pitcairn.. Slept most of the day.. Not unwell but not the sharpest tack in the drawer.. I opted to take anti nausea pill prior to departure and  drowsiness is a side effect..

 My bottle of Malibu Rum remained untouched... I was tempted but didn't want to be landed with a name like Boozy Susie on the Claymore..

Must fess up that I realised there was a recommendation that I should take a raincoat, which I recalled when en route to Pitcairn raincoat, so nabbed a couple of large black rubbish bags from the crew!!  Wonder what the locals will think?!