The time went waaayyyy too fast!!

Well I must say my time on Pitcairn went way too fast and I promise to write more detail very soon.  I didn't just stay on the island (although was tempted!) - the gap between blogs was just because time got away on me.  I was too busy meeting some of the most interesting people with some amazing life stories, enjoying dinner and drinks and seeing the sights and lifestyle of this amazing place.  Absolutely amazing.  It has been a real eye-opener to me and I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to visit.  This is a real bucket-list destination! 

Since I left the lovely Pitcairn Islands, I had a mad couple of days in Auckland catching up in the office and repacking before heading out again - this time on holiday with my family to Hawaii. Aloha!!  So bear with me while I hula my way around Maui and more updates and pics to come!!