About Us

Established in 1990 as a travel representation and marketing company, Hogan and Associates represent select overseas partners by assisting with advertising and branding campaigns, ensuring our clients are included in TV, radio, press and online campaigns, conducting sales calls, webinars and training, and generally sharing the passion we have for our clients’ products! 

We ensure travel agents have all the information they need at their fingertips by providing training, monthly newsletters, updates, designing and producing fact sheets and flyers and maintaining an online presence through website and social media.  We also attend expos, distribute brochures and information and provide regular market intelligence to our partners to ensure they are kept up to date with what is happening in the New Zealand market.  We work with both travel agent and resort/tourism board to make sure everyone gets good results!

The Team



Mike is a well known travel industry personality with over 35 years experience including retail & corporate travel agency ownership, wholesale, special interest, and airline sales.  Mike is an ideas man and has an admirable way of coming up with creative marketing ideas and this, combined with his years of experience, gives our clients some great ides for getting their products out to their consumers. 

Mike also fronts a lot of agency presentations nationwide and his sheer enthusiasm and passion for the clients he represents are well known at all market levels. 



Initially from a strong teaching background, Susie worked for United Travel for 12 years, rising to Sales Manager for the group, before devoting her time to raising a family.  She has an endlessly fun personality and has an almost unique ability to be able to relate to all consultants, and effortlessly infuse them with her own passion and enthusiasm. 

Susie is on the road a lot visiting retail and wholesale agents and you can always be sure of a unique presentation and a few good laughs!  She is dedicated and highly motivated in all her activities for Hogan’s.  She is a true gem, is our Sus!


Heather is well known throughout tourism in the South Pacific and NZ with a background as Product Manager South Pacific and later in sales roles within the hospitality sector in Fiji.  She has a unique range of experience including retail, wholesale, product, hotel sales, marketing and copy-writing.   Heather has an eye for detail so is the chief t-crosser and i-dotter in the office, however her real passion is for getting creative.  She is the writer and designer and takes care of advertising campaigns, flyers, newsletters etc.




Shar is our office extraodinaire with exceptional multi-tasking skills!  She has great attention to detail, is a great organiser and manages to make sure the office ticks along nicely.  She also manages the accounts, the contracts and specials, bookings and more.  She has a million jobs on the go at once as well as keeping everyone in line that we all know what's going on.  Shar has a great sense of humour which is an essential part of being a member of the Hogan’s team!